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07 May 2017

15 Vegan Fashion and Lifestyle Blogs You Should Follow

A few weeks ago, we rounded up 7 of our favourite vegan fashion blogs for you to check out and follow. This time around, we've expanded the vegan fashion blog list to include both big and small bloggers who are passionate about ethical and sustainable fashion.


Make sure you show these vegan style gurus some love by clicking on their page and giving them a follow! What are some of your favourite up-and-coming vegan fashion blogs? Let us know in the comments.


1. A Cup of Joan:

"I share my personally styled cruelty-free and sustainable outfits to prove that beauty and art in daily practices do not have to be at the expense of another animal or human. I also write about and photograph all the people and places impacting me to live in a positive way for this world and our Earth. Because you don’t have to harm this planet & any living being to express yourself.

Be foolish, create genuine art, & inspire."  

A Cup of Joan - Vegan Fashion blog

2. Love And Blossoms:

"All the looks I share are against animal cruelty. I don’t want to hurt animals for an outfit because they need their skin more than I need a bag or shoes. I believe we can all do a little bit to make the world a better place."

Love and Blossoms Fashion Blog

3. The Little Foxes:

"And, nope, I probably won’t attend your Kentucky Derby party or that sojourn to Sea World (though, you may see me outside protesting – be sure to give a wave!), because those industries exploit the heck out of sensitive, sentient creatures and this homie don’t play that way."

The lil foxes - About

4. Cruelty-free with me:

"Hi! I’m Claire and I am a voice for animals, a LOUD one. I also write about plant-based food, health & fitness, fashion, beauty, and all things vegan. I love pizza, The Fray, and anywhere warm. Imagine being able to live a happy, and healthy life without harming others? Well, guess what? It’s possible! – and I’m here to show you how!"

Cruelty-free with me - About Page


5. Fashion Veggie:

"I am vegan, meaning that I eat only things that are grown from the earth, and also that I don’t wear leather, fur, or any other material that derives from animals.  I choose to live this way mostly because I don’t believe in any sentient creature being harmed for my benefit, but also because it keeps me fit and healthy with good karma."

Molly - Fashion Veggie - About Page


6. Ethical Elephant:

"Heyo! Welcome to the ethical elephant, the ultimate cruelty-free and vegan lifestyle guide! My name is Vicky Ly and I’m the creator behind this website! Ethical elephant was started, and will always remain, a place to be a voice for animals. When I went fully vegan in 2012, I didn’t think that being vegan was doing enough for the animals." 

Ethical Elephant - About

7. The Curvaceous Vegan:

 "My name is Amie, I am a blogger who blogs about a variety of different things, everything from lifestyle, to mental health, to plus size fashion, vegan food, vegan beauty anything that really takes my fancy in honesty. I tend to speak fluent sarcasm, crack the worst jokes, eat way too much, obsessed with fruit and an avid vegan."

The Curvaceous Vegan - About Page

8. Skinless in September:

 "Thanks for visiting my blog, where you can find the most up to date cruelty-free fashion, beauty, and lifestyle finds. I embarked on my journey of living a compassionate lifestyle in September 2014, when I realized that I could still be fashionable without the use of any animal products, hence the name Skinless in September. My goal is to inspire and empower stylish women to live a kinder life."

Skinless in September - About Page

9. Style Destino:

 "I started Style Destino in September 2011 to break the stereotype that vegan fashion is drab and boring. Through Style Destino, I share my personal style making a conscious decision to only use vegan and cruelty-free products. Style Destino loves everything that is sustainable, eco-friendly, handmade and cruelty-free - when it's chic!"

Style Destino Vegan Fashion Blog

10. Stryletz

"Welcome to stryleTZ, a Blogazine from Hamburg. This is about minimalist fashion, vegan food, minimalist interior, the capitals of the world and a trip to a fair lifestyle." 

Stryletz - Vegan Fashion Blog - About

11. Amber's Edit:

"I'm 18, currently in my first year of university studying fashion communication & promotion. I'm super passionate about a lot of things! I love health & wellbeing, fashion, photography, travel, dance, cooking ... the list goes on really! And this blog is a combination of all of that. I hope you enjoy my little corner of the internet :) "

Amber's Edit - About Page

12. Duckalicious:

"While my warm-season outfits might seem monotonous or repetitive to some (most?) people, they get even less varied in fall/winter. On a rather warm fall day (like today), I'll normally go for a black sweatshirt or a thin turtleneck, a black bottom, and a coat; on the footwear front, nothing beats my #1 sneakers."

Duckalicious - Business as usual Blogpost


13. Huntd:

"Follow me for vegan fashion finds and see that there really is no need to harm beautiful souls just for the sake of some shoes or bags. If I can just change one person's mind in relation to buying leather, wool or fur then my job is done." - Vegan Fashion blog

14. Londoner in Sidney:

"Annabel Symonds is the creator of LondonerInSydney with a focus on expat life as a Brit living in Sydney, fashion, healthy living and budget travel around the world."

Londoner in Sydney - About Page

15. Vegan Shoe Addict:

"As a vegetarian who happens to be addicted to (vegan) shoes, I spend a lot of time hunting down vegan shoes in the usual and unusual places. I’ve set up this blog to help other vegetarians and vegans like me who want to live cruelty-free, without sacrificing their sense of style. Your perfect shoes are out there. You just need to know where to look!"

Vegan Shoe Addict Blog

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