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5 Stylish Outfits to Transition from Winter to Spring

Posted on 02 April 2017

We’ve all been there: when you wake up and have absolutely no clue what to wear because it’s impossible to tell whether it’s trousers or a dress kind of weather. One day it’s cold and windy, and the next it’s rainy and humid. Just because the weather is confused, that doesn’t mean your style has to be too.

Transitioning your winter wardrobe to spring and summer apparel isn’t the easiest task, but we’re here to help you out. We styled five versatile outfits on Polyvore to help your fashion shift with the seasons. Make sure you also check out our favourite vegan fashion blogs for even more inspiration.

  1. Lattes and Lipstick

This look is for those fashionistas who want to be comfortably stylish while commuting to work or uni. Tuck this 100% cotton slogan T-shirt from Bazaar De Luxe into velvet trousers for an effortlessly chic ensemble. Add a neutral Labante London handbag and a matching Votch vegan leather watch for a touch of sophistication. To complete the look, slip on our black faux leather Chelsea boots, perfect for running to the cafe for a soy latte pick-me-up!

Polyvore Lattes and Lipstick Vegan Fashion Polyvore Outfit | ALIVE Boutique - A Little Vegan Boutique

  1. Concrete Jungle

If the last look was too plain for you, then you’ll definitely fancy this edgier pairing. Combine this studded crossbody bag with grungy grey dock boots, and you’re ready to strut the streets. If you want to balance the edginess, slip on our soft slogan T-shirt. Lastly, top off this urban-chic outfit with Votch’s black-on-black watch. With this style, you’ll remind everyone that cruelty-free looks cool, too.

Concrete Jungle. Polyvore Vegan Fashion Outifit | ALIVE Boutique A Little Vegan Boutique

  1. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

We know how difficult it is to balance a busy schedule, so taking more than ten minutes to pick out a cute and weather-appropriate outfit is simply out of the question. Curl up in our cozy statement T-shirt tucked into a pair of boyfriend jeans for that slouchy-cool vibe. Pairing light wash denim with Will's chestnut brown Chelsea boots is the perfect way to step into spring. Don’t forget to grab this bordeaux-coloured bag to store all of your daily essentials while you’re on-the-go. Oh, and a busy woman should never leave the house without a sleek wristwatch--punctuality is key!

Eat. Sleep. Repeat. Polyvore Vegan Fashion Outifit - | ALIVE Boutique A Little Vegan Boutique

  1. Pastel Beauty

Black and white meets pastel pinks with this girly spring ensemble. It’s so easy to transform your winter wear to spring attire with just a few simple adjustments. Take another one of Bazaar De Luxe’s slogan T-shirts and swap out your trousers for a black mini skirt. Looking for a classic shoe that’s also cruelty-free? Slip on Will’s Vegan Oxford Brogues in black. Now that we’ve got the basics down, it’s time to play with pastels. We love this Rose Gold Royale Clutch coupled with the pink Votch watch. They add a playful, colourful touch to an otherwise neutral style.

Pastel Beauty. Polyvore Vegan Fashion Outifit | ALIVE Boutique - A Little Vegan Boutique

  1. Blooming in Blue

You know spring has finally rolled around when the smell of blooming flowers is everywhere. On those warmer days, the last thing you want is to be sweating through too many layers. That means it’s time to break out the denim cutoff shorts! Throw on a V for Vegan tank top, made entirely from environmentally friendly material, and tie a knot in the front for a relaxed vibe. The chestnut dock boots are breathable and perfect for everyday wear. To continue with the blue theme, try this demi blue shoulder bag. A look is never complete without accessories, and Votch’s tan vegan leather watch is the perfect combination of stylish and Dressing for the changing seasons isn’t as hard as it seems.

Blooming in Blue. Polyvore Vegan Fashion Outifit | ALIVE Boutique - A Little Vegan Boutique

With so many great vegan fashion products on the market nowadays, there’s no excuse not to dress stylish and cruelty-free. By adding a few of our staple vegan pieces to your wardrobe, the outfit possibilities are endless. You’ll be ready for spring fashion in no time. What’s your favourite piece for transitioning to spring? Tell us in the comments below!

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