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7 Vegan Fashion Blogs You Need to Check Out

Posted on 26 March 2017

With the growing trend of veganism, it’s only natural that vegan bloggers are on the rise as well. Some of our favourite vegan recipe blogs include The Tofu Diaries, Fat Gay Vegan, Minimalist Baker, hot for food and Chocolate Covered Katie. However, food isn’t the only thing to think about when living a vegan, cruelty-free lifestyle. Many household objects, beauty products and clothing items are made using animal skins or animal-based products. 


While being vegan also means living a conscious lifestyle, that doesn’t mean you have to go about life wearing only burlap sacks and canvas shoes. Fashion and veganism are not mutually exclusive. While there aren’t as many as there are food blogs, the number of vegan fashion blogs is steadily increasing. 


We’ve gathered our top seven vegan fashion blogs, so you never have to choose between stylish and ethical again. These lovely ladies blend their passions for veganism and fashion all into a beautiful blog.


1. Skinless in September 

Maris Kastanos runs a comprehensive fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog based in Dallas, Texas. She started her cruelty-free journey in September 2014, hence the name Skinless in September was born. Through her blog, Maris hopes to inspire stylish women to live a kinder life.

White wide leg pants - Vegan Fashion


2. A Cup of Joan

Joan shares her own cruelty-free, sustainable outfits to show others how fashion does not have to harm animals or human beings. Her creatively compassionate blog features personally-styled outfits, brand spotlights and vegan tips and guides.



3. Chic Vegan

 Founded in 2008, Chic Vegan is an online community that focuses on fashion, beauty, health, self-improvement, eco-love and more. From recipes to interviews to fashion tips, this comprehensive blog has it all.


Chic Vegan - Dog


4. Vegan Fashion Blog

This is the place for all things cruelty-free, eco-friendly and sustainable. Run by four different vegan bloggers, this blog has all the vegan insights.


Vegan Cuts Beach Beauty Box


5. Girlie Girl Army

Described as, “The Glamazon Guide to Conscious Living,” this blog has it all, including style and beauty, wellness, food and even a mommy section. With over 66 contributors, Girglie Girl Army really is a vegan army.


Girlie Girl Army


6. Duckalicious

This vegan personal style blog is strictly about fashion! Author of Duckalicious is all about minimalism, which she demonstrates through her knack for finding thrifted and vintage clothing pieces. She’s all about compassionate and sustainable fashion!


Duckalicious Vegan Fashion


7. My Non Leather Life

 Meet Victoria, a 27-year-old based in New York City. She started out writing a vegan shoe blog, and eventually it expanded to include a wide range of cruelty-free topics. My Non Leather Life documents a journey towards mindful living and self-love.  

My Non Leather Life - About

As you can see, these vegan bloggers are championing the world of ethical and environmentally-conscious fashion. As the market for cruelty-free products rapidly expands, more and more vegan fashion blogs are popping up. This is just the beginning! Did we miss any of your favourite vegan style bloggers? Tell us in the comments below!

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