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01 September 2017

Piñatex – The Vegan & Sustainable Leather Alternative

Piñatex – The Vegan & Sustainable Leather Alternative

Piñatex is a natural leather alternative made from fibres extracted from pineapple leaves and was developed by Dr Carmen Hijosa. It is strong, versatile, breathable, soft, light and flexible – on top of being 100% vegan and sustainable. This product is revolutionary and is exceedingly important to use. Animal-based leather typically involves hazardous chemicals and heavy metals, all of which can cause problems when they end up in wastewater. However, when it comes to Pineapple leather, the fibres are extracted from the leaves, the fibres then undergo an industrial process to become a nonwoven textile.


The fabric can be printed on and stitched, thanks, pineapples! You rock.

Piñatex leather handbags and shoes

Piñatex is 100% vegan. Pineapple leaves are considered an agricultural by-product which is often burned or left to rot, not to mention an estimated 40,000 tonnes of pineapple leaves are left to waste globally each year. No extra land or resources are needed to produce Piñatex, thus making it 100% sustainable. 

Pineapple leather production

PETA, an animal rights organisation, has approved of pineapple leather; “Piñatex uses cutting-edge technology to create cruelty-free designs that are both sustainable and chic,” says PETA Vice President Jason Baker. “PETA celebrates innovations that show how outdated wearing animal skins is and how easy it is to look fabulous while being kind to all living beings.” Piñatex is the first fabric to receive a PETA-Approved Vegan” logo for supplying compassionate designers and shops with a sustainable, high-performance leather. So, don’t worry, your furry friends approve of this!


Here at ALIVE Boutique, we have a large collection of Pinatex watches by Votch, which features the Pińatex leather straps. We pride ourselves in using leather alternatives, as this reduces any agriculturally caused pollution and makes the world a better place. The watches we stock are not only elegant but versatile; you can wear them for smart or casual occasions, male or female. They can add a dynamic flair to a simple minimalist look to bring the outfit alive or add a subtle touch to an elegant evening gown/tux. Should you ever want to change the colours, you can always change set strap, which is also interchangeable. 


So to top it off, not only are we trying to innovate within our designs, we are trying to bring out innovation to the fashion industry to create sustainable, luxurious products without being at our planet’s expense.

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  • annie calvert: March 20, 2018

    Pineapple leather is 100% vegan and is natural leather.

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