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Our Mission is to help you find vegan shoes and ethical fashion you love.

ALIVE Boutique – A Little Vegan Boutique is a one-stop shop for exclusive vegan fashion. A place that brings together a vast range of stylish and ethical Vegan Shoes, Vegan Handbags, clutches, T-shirts, and Vegan leather watches, made from the highest quality sustainable materials.

At ALIVE, you will find a whole host of exciting staple pieces for both men and woman. We have taken great care in selecting each of our brands to ensure that our valued customers have exclusive access to the most sought-after cruelty-free fashion pieces and vegan shoes.

Promoting fairly paid workers and saying a resounding ‘NO’ to sweatshops, ALIVE also works with a number of animal-related charities - donating a percentage of every sale towards reducing animal suffering and promoting the benefits of plant-based living (see Giving Back).

Based in London, ALIVE was founded by Lucas Windhager who decided to ‘make the leap’ to combine his passion in advertising technology with a lifelong dream of creating an ethical, cruelty-free fashion hub for Vegans.

ALIVE Boutique Founder Lucas portrait About page Vegan Shoes Ethical Fashion

Since launching itself in December 2016, ALIVE Boutique has succeeded in finding its niche as an online destination for ethical fashion popular amongst Vegans and non-Vegans alike across the UK and beyond.

After just over a year, ALIVE continues to grow at a steady pace with big plans to further expand… We urge you continue to watch this space!


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