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ALIVE’s Guide to The Best Vegan Shoes | Upgraded Version

The fashion industry is evolving. And vegan shoes and fashion are at the top of the new agenda.


The fashion industry and its consumers are coming to terms with its impact on the planet. Vegan brands are one step ahead of the game.


These 20 vegan shoe brands are designing luxury and affordable vegan shoes. All with a choice for every style and occasion.


But how to choose?


Here, we’ve created our ALIVE guide to the best vegan shoes out there right now.


We’re talking about our own stocked brands. Will’s Vegan Shoes. Veja. Good Guys. As well as some of the upcoming designers that are making waves in the industry. This guide has you covered.




Stocked at ALIVE and a brand known for its ethical and eco-friendly operations, Veja is a name to watch in the vegan shoes space.


Any fans of trainers, running shoes and hi-top sneakers will swiftly become a fan of Veja.


A French label, Veja was founded in 2005 with a goal to create more eco-friendly and sustainable footwear options. Since then, the collections have gone on to include some of the best vegan shoes in the market, worn by celebrities and fashionistas the world over.


A classic option for Veja, the Esplar is perfect for any look. 


Veja vegan shoes trainers


Chunky trainers are huge for 2020 and Veja show us how to do it vegan-style. 


Veja Condor vegan trainers


Classic vegan trainers for men are always a good idea, and these Veja Campo low tops are some of our favourites. 


Veja Campo vegan trainers


Where to get them, you might ask? Veja has its own stores, both in Paris and New York City.


If those two cities are not within your reach, and they have probably shut down right now anyway, you can always order them online. 


For example, you can buy them directly from their online store. They offer free delivery within France on all orders above 65 euros.


If you live in Europe, shipping will be 15 euros. If you're elsewhere in the world, this will set you back 25 euros. 


Or, alternatively, you can get those beauties from us (find all Veja trainers at ALIVE Boutique here). We offer free UK shipping and returns for 100 days!


Beyond Skin


An ethical brand making a splash with its luxury women’s vegan shoes - Beyond Skin.


Designing since 2011, Beyond Skin focuses on timeless vegan shoes with a contemporary edge. Think comfortable and chic loafers and elegant vegan heels. The best vegan shoes from this label look good any time of day.


Everything from Beyond Skin is designed in the UK and crafted in Spain. It has grown somewhat of a cult following. Some of the hottest styles include its range of vegan office shoes, on-trend ankle boots and colourful sandals.


These heeled loafers are the perfect choice for a day in the office. 


 Beyond Skin vegan shoes


A pop of colour is not hard to find in the latest Beyond Skin collections. 


Beyond Skin Yasmina heels


So where can I find them, we hear you ask? Very glad you did ask indeed! 


So far, to our knowledge, you can only buy them online. They offer worldwide shipping, and the prices start from £5 (for the UK). 


Also, as of right now (April 2020), you can buy one get one free with code F***IT!




New label, Veerah was established in 2016 with a mission statement to ‘do good and look incredible’.


Veerah designs luxury vegan shoes for strong, independent women. They care about sustainability and ethics when it comes to their consciously-sourced footwear.


Veerah’s vegan shoes come with a distinct New York aesthetic. The range includes the perfect pointed pumps, chic vegan flats and elegant strappy sandals. Each pair is crafted in anything from recycled plastic to innovative apple skin leather.


Opt for microfiber suede pointed pumps - perfect for every occasion. 


Veerah Muan shoes 


Each pair of the Veerah Venus heels is made from nine recycled bottles. 


Veerah Venus tie shoes


This brand only offer online orders. 


Will’s Vegan Shoes


Established in 2012 by Will Green, Will’s Vegan Shoes has become synonymous with the best vegan shoes on the market.


From on-trend chunky trainers to men’s vegan leather boots, if you’re on the hunt for affordable vegan shoes with a contemporary flair, this is your label.


This London-based vegan shoe brand is focused on sustainability in every way - now certified carbon neutral. Will’s Vegan Shoes uses plant-based leather and suede to craft a wide selection of men’s and women’s vegan shoes. Each with their own distinct Will’s look.


Thought you couldn't get vegan boots with an authentic leather look? These men's vegan work boots from Will's Vegan Shoes prove otherwise. 


Wills Vegan Shoes boots


Smart vegan shoes are no problem either. 


Will's Vegan Shoes smart shoes


Women are not left out of the Will's Vegan Shoes club. From lace-up ankle boots to these classic white NY sneakers, you're covered. 


Will's Vegan Shoes NY Sneakers


Shipping varies from country to country. It's free in the US, and will cost £3 in the UK. For most European countries, shipping will cost you £5. 


Also, as you probably know, you can also find this extremely popular vegan shoe brand at ALIVE. with free shipping and return in the UK for 100 days. 


Sydney Brown


Looking for luxury vegan shoes with a minimalist, modern aesthetic? Sydney Brown is a stylish and ethical label looking to make luxury style more environmentally-friendly.


Sydney Brown vegan shoes are crafted in Portugal at a sustainability-focused factory. It ensures every element of every shoe is animal-product-free. The label is all about creating the luxury look its customers crave in a responsible and sustainable way. It pays respect to the environment with every design.


Think on-trend vegan cork shoes to sleek ankle boots and sneakers. The Sydney Brown collection for women is packed with some of the best vegan shoes on the market.


Do not miss out on this brand.   


A stand-out pick from the collection is these on-trend high mules with a cork-covered, recycled-fibre insole.


Sydney Brown vegan shoes mules


Simple flats, perfect for the office and weekend.


Sydney Brown vegan shoes Raffia slides


US customers can get free shipping if you order more than $100 and if you order from this brand directly.


Bhava Studio


Bhava Studio uses a compassionate approach to footwear design. Its range of women’s vegan shoes uses only premium quality leather alternatives. Each crafted in an ethically-responsible environment in either Mumbai or Spain.


A diverse collection of vegan designs, check out this brand for a shoe for every day.


Think timeless mules to premium winter boots. The Bhava Studio collection balances classic style with contemporary trends. It serves its customers with a stunning collection of some of the best vegan shoes.


Opt for classic mules with a natural cork insole, perfect for workwear.


Bhava Studio Vegan shoes mules


The Bhava Studio vegan boots collection is not to be missed. 


Bhava Studio vegan shoes boots


Sign up to their newsletter if you want to get $25 off your next order!


Taylor + Thomas


Fresh out of Los Angeles, Taylor + Thomas is a sustainability-focused fashion label. It oozes style when it comes to its effortlessly cool vegan shoes.


The label’s co-founders met while in a design class. They then decided to put their heads together to form a luxury vegan shoe brand – Taylor + Thomas.


Having launched in 2018 with a small collection of vegan shoes, the brand has begun to make a name for itself within the vegan fashion world. Imagine exquisitely crafted vegan flats in animal-free leather to sultry heels and boots. This collection is made for the eco-conscious fashionista.


These beautifully crafted flats promise to make a bold sartorial statement.


Taylor + Thomas vegan shoes flats


These exquisitely-finished heels add a polished aesthetic to any look. 


Taylor + Thomas vegan shoes heels


Shipping from this brand is not included. The customer needs to pay for it. 




Founded in Vancouver by three natives looking for the perfect footwear, Vessi commits to being more than vegan shoes.


Designing waterproof trainers for all weather, the Vessi mission is to serve its customers with a shoe that can ‘do it all’.


The label has collections for both men and women. The best vegan shoes from Vessi are lightweight, comfortable trainers. Each crafted from the brand’s own patented 100% waterproof knit. Antibacterial insoles and cloud support make these breathable vegan shoes unique. They might just solve all your style dilemmas in one clean-cut design.


The Cityscape sneakers for men and women are the signature shoes from the collection. 


Vessi vegan shoes sneakers


The lace-less, slip-on sneakers make for a cool choice.


Vessi vegan shoes lace-less sneakers


Vessi offers 40% off their shoes by using THANKYOU at checkout!


They ship to these countries: Canada, United States, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, and Singapore. If you're ordering from the US or from Canada, you can unlock free shipping on orders from $35. 




Fair – for all its rights – is a PETA-approved vegan shoe brand for both men and women.


This Portugal-based brand has veganism embedded in its philosophy. Think classic vegan dress shoes for men, chunky boots and heels for the stylish woman. The Fair vegan shoes collection has a little something for everyone.


Using premium quality Italian microfiber, the best vegan shoes from Fair prove once and for all that animal-leather is a thing of the past. Alternative leathers are the future.


Dress shoes with style. Crafted in ecological Italian microfiber. 


FAIR vegan shoes dress shoes


Opt for a pair of men's vegan chunky boots for the ideal casual weekend look. 


FAIR vegan shoes chunky boots


From lace-up boots and pointed pumps to these strappy sandals, the Fair women's collection has it all. 


FAIR vegan shoes sandals


If you order directly from Fair, shipping will set you back 5€ for orders to Portugal and Spain, 12€ for the rest of Europe, and 25€ for the rest of the world.


Nae Vegan Shoes


The Nae brand name pretty much sums up the label’s philosophy - No Animal Exploitation.


This Portuguese shoe brand uses only certified factories in Portugal to produce its vegan shoes. Each designed with style for wear every day.


Using anything from pineapple leather Pïnatex to cork and recycled PET, Nae crafts casual vegan shoes for men and women. Think quirky zip details and block colour accents and imagine shoes that you can wear with anything from your go-to denim to swimwear or dresses.


These stunning sandals are crafted using sustainable Pïnatex.


NAE vegan shoes Piñatex 


Made using microfiber, the Jaque slingback couldn't be more on-trend for 2020. 


NAE vegan shoes slingback


Nae offers free shipping worldwide on orders of over 50€. 


Matt & Nat


Matt & Nat – derived from Material and Nature – was established in 1995 in Montreal.


Merging these two concepts, the brand commits to sourcing and using non-animal-leather materials. This is maintained throughout its collections of vegan shoes, handbags and accessories for men and women.


With a chic and contemporary aesthetic, the Matt & Nat vegan shoe collections are packed with sleek styles for both dress and casual wear. Think easy, everyday sandals and flip flops combined with wedges, mules, sneakers and even boots.


If you’re on the hunt for the best vegan shoes, this is a brand you don’t want to miss.


Beautifully-made PU sandals in a range of classic colours. 


Matt & Nat vegan shoes slides


The perfect vegan ankle boot?


Matt & Nat vegan shoes boots


The Matt & Nat men's collection is packed with classic styles including these sleek and simple monochrome sneakers. 


Matt & Nat vegan shoes sneakers


Matt and Nat offers free shipping on all orders within the UK. 


Good Guys


Modern style, cool vibes and a distinct aesthetic – when it comes to Good Guys vegan shoes, you know to expect quality that counts.


With the slogan, ‘good guys don’t wear leather’, Good Guys is all about crafting vegan shoes for men and women without any trace of animal products.


Established in France in 2011, this vegan fashion label has built a legion of fans across the globe. Each one looks to it for the best vegan shoes with a comfortable and casual twist.


ALIVE’s stock includes men’s vegan high tops, smart lace-up boots and casual flats for women.


Classic high tops for both men and women always look great. 


Good Guys vegan shoes high top trainers


Want that on-trend chunky boot look, cruelty-free?


Good Guys vegan shoes boots


Good Guys offers free shipping on all orders over 100 within the UK


You can also find this amazing brand at ALIVE and unlock free shipping and returns for 100 days. 


Stella McCartney


A pioneer in the world of faux-leather, Stella McCartney leads the way when it comes to leather alternatives in the fashion world and beyond.


The label’s footwear game is just as strong.


It crafts ultra-contemporary vegan shoes from blends of PU and polyester. You will also see 100% recycled polyester. Stella McCartney remains a major player when it comes to the best vegan shoes on the market.


Stella McCartney does the chunky trainer trend crafted in recycled polyester.


Stella McCartney vegan shoes trainers 


The brand also crafts on-trend sandals and heels using sustainable wood and PU materials. 


Stella McCartney vegan shoes sandals


Stella McCartney is operating 51 freestanding stores in locations worldwide, including New York,  London, LA, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, Shanghai and Beijing!




Designed and hand-crafted by a team of 20 artisans in Los Angeles, Rafa is the luxury vegan shoes label to look out for.


Rafa commits to using only local craftsmanship. The vegan shoe collection uses recycled and sustainable fabrics. Discover a wide collection of stylish women’s luxury vegan shoes.


Dive into the Rafa collections. You’ll find exquisite lace-up booties in a huge array of on-trend colours. Don’t forget contemporary mules and sandals for every occasion and style.


If unique vegan shoes are on your shopping list this season – Rafa is calling out for your attention. The signature lace-up booties come in a huge range of colours. Each made using recycled textiles. Shipping will set you back £10 (in the UK). 


 Rafa vegan shoes booties


On-trend mules are the style of 2020. 



Rafa vegan shoes mules




Crafting fair and vegan shoes for men and women, Ethletic puts the ethics into footwear design.


Ethletic has a long history in fair trade manufacturing. The brand started life in a production factory in Pakistan. It’s known for crafting the world’s first fair-manufactured soccer ball. In 2004, Ethletic produced the world’s first sneaker certified with the Fairtrade seal.


Since then, the Ethletic brand has grown, along with a committed following, as has its vegan shoes collection. Expect classic and contemporary sneakers and pops of colour and print to revival the best vegan shoes in the game.


Keep it classic with a pair of vegan high tops. 


 Ethletic vegan shoes high tops


Or opt for statement prints with something from Ethletic's latest collection.


Ethletic vegan shoes low tops


If you are ordering from the EU, you can unlock free shipping from 115.00 €. If you are buying from the US you will have to pay 16.72€ to get those beauties. 


Call It Spring


Call It Spring is a brand that values its customer’s opinions.


Originally a non-vegan label, Call It Spring listened to its customers and in 2019, made the change to move forward as a 100% vegan shoes brand.


The Quebec-based brand crafts vegan shoes and accessories for men and women with a focus on freshness and accessible prices. Think playful vegan heels, comfortable yet stylish everyday flats. Don’t forget effortlessly cool loafers for men.


Anyone on the hunt for the best vegan shoes needs to make a stop here.


 Call It Spring vegan shoes heels


Easy and simple flats are high on the agenda for Call It Spring. 


Call It Spring vegan shoes flats


Vegan-friendly casual loafers for men? Check. 


Call It Spring vegan shoes loafers


 Canadian customers get free shipping on all orders over $50. 


Nothing New


Sustainable with style is the Nothing New mantra and it’s not wrong.


Nothing New is a vegan shoes brand committed to crafting some of the best vegan shoes in its niche. This includes a seriously stylish collection of sneakers for both men and women.


Made from recycled post-consumer plastic, Nothing New vegan shoes are all about simple style and comfort for every day. Whether you’re into low tops or high top sneakers, this brand might need to go on your shopping list.


Simple style in a huge range of colours. 


Nothing New vegan shoes trainers


Nothing New vegan shoes high tops


If you are in the US, make sure you order shoes over $50 to get free shipping!




Founded in 2013, Ahimsa is a fully vegan brand. It was established to represent true vegan intentions throughout every aspect of the company.


Designing a wide range of vegan shoes for both men and women, the Ahimsa aesthetic is classic, accessible and focuses on comfort. Are you looking for the perfect pair of vegan loafers or simple everyday sandals? The best vegan shoes in the collection are casual, cool and minimal in design.


Ahimsa’s PETA-approved vegan shoes are hand-crafted in Brazil.


Crafted in supple microfiber, these flat mules make the perfect wardrobe staple. 


 Ahimsa vegan shoes flats


Or opt for ultimate simplicity.


Ahimsa vegan shoes sandals




The combination of vegan and sustainable values with high-end designer style. Balluta is the Portuguese vegan shoe brand that is changing the face of the industry.


The collections are filled with unique abstract heels and exquisitely finished ankle boots. These vegan shoes are some of the best you’ve ever seen.


Think contemporary designs, statement detailing and high-quality vegan materials. You’re on the Balluta track.


Every pair of vegan shoes from the Balluta collection is crafted in a family-run factory in São João da Madeira, Portugal.


Up there with the best vegan shoes, check out the Balluta collection from unique pieces that really make a statement.


Crafted in textured microfiber, you'll be wearing these statement boots in all seasons. 


Balluta vegan shoes boots


Balluta vegan shoes boots


Get the Balluta look in a chic flat. 


Balluta vegan shoes flats


Shipping within Portugal will cost you 5€, and 20€ if you're ordering from Europe. Outside of the EU, aim to pay 40€ to get those vegan beauties. 


Susi Studio


LA-based and with a passion for conscious living. Susi Studio is a one-woman lifestyle company, creating vegan shoes with some serious style.


Working with both veganism and sustainability in mind, Susi Studio’s philosophy is all about transparency. The brand pairs its alternative leather vegan shoes with its women-owned Hong Kong factory. It works for a fair and sustainable supply chain from start to finish.


Look to Susi Studios for sleek strappy sandals, easy flats and versatile boots. Every pair crafted in luxe vegan leather at an affordable price point.


Using recycled PU leather, these strappy sandals are the perfect evening choice. 


 Susi vegan shoes heels


Versatility is everything with this easy-to-style vegan leather boots. 


Susi Studio vegan shoes boots


Get your lovely pair of Susi vegan shoes with free shipping if you're in the US (over $150). Everyone else can do the same, for orders over $200. 



The vegan leather market is set to take over the animal-leather market by 2025.


When it does, it will be worth $90 billion.


There are more vegans and vegetarians than ever. Plus, a growing trend towards veganism in everything from fashion to beauty. And ethical vegan shoes are getting better and better.


Shop the latest vegan shoes collections at ALIVE Boutique and stay in the know with all things vegan on the ALIVE blog. Verified Reviews Badge
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A Sleek design that is both formal as well as functional to hold a large smartphone and cash and a few cards.

Perfect for a formal occasion or a semi formal evening out. Can be used as a daytime wallet as well if necessary

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