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  • Free UK delivery on orders over £40
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How to never miss out again

This page will describe how you can make sure you will never miss an update again. 

First, you need to get on our newsletter.

You can subscribe easily by clicking on this link.

You will receive an email in which you can confirm your subscription right away. Once you completed this step, you will get an email welcoming you to our family.

To ensure our updates reach your Inbox, please add our email address to your address book. This process is also known as whitelisting. 

Whitelist our Email address using Apple Mail:

If you are using an Apple device, chances are you are using Apple Mail. 

On a Mobile device, open the email and click Details:

You will then be able to click on the sender of the email. 

On the next screen, you will see the contact information of our email address ( By scrolling down a bit, you will be able to see "Add to VIP." 

Once you click this, you will never miss out on our content, our product launches, and our promotions which we only offer to our subscribers ever again.

Should you using Apple Mail on a laptop, it's even easier! 

Open up the email and press on the little right arrow next to the sender of the email: 

Next up, click on "Add to VIPs" and you will never miss out again. 

Whitelist our Email address using Gmail: 

Should you be using Google's popular email solution, it couldn't be any easier. 

On a Mobile, simply make sure that Gmail will always display images.

You can do this when you get asked if you want images to Always show images from ALIVE Boutique:


Using Gmail on a laptop, all you need to do is click on the three dots on the upper right-hand side and then click "Add Lucas at ALIVE Boutique to Contacts list", and you're all set!


Whitelist our Email address using Outlook:

When opening our email on, all you need to do is to confirm that you "trust Lucas at ALIVE".


That way, you will always see our content, and you will ensure that Outlook will display our emails in your Inbox:

That's it! If you are using an Email client which is not explained in this section, feel free to email us at and we will get back to you with a tailored solution.

Should you not yet be on our newsletter, you can subscribe anytime by clicking on this link.

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37 reviews
Great trainers and customer service

Very happy with the trainers, and the service for dealing with the delayed shipping.

Great bag, great service

Very good quality, very smart. Will definitely use Alive again.

Love it, although I thought it was thinner

Nice, light, elegant.

Fabulous bag!

This bag looks so good, and is amazing quality. All of my friends love it. It's really spacious inside, and has detachable smaller wallets to keep things in that you usually lose in the bottom of your bag.

Comfortable and fashionable!

Very happy with my purchase. The shoes look the part!